What is Nano Coating

Liquid Glass products are based on the liquid glass (SiO²) technology of leading German R&D companies. This truly remarkable technology, allows the end user to protect industrial and domestic surfaces with a super durable coating of invisible, easy to clean glass.

The stunning characteristics of this technology have been widely reported throughout the world, via TV radio and the written press and as a result there has been an enormous demand for all of the coatings which we supply, in both the retail and professional/industrial formats. Apart from the fact that the concept of “spray-on glass” captures the imagination one has to look at the proven characteristics and benefits of the technology.

Our thinnest coatings are undetectable, super phobic (repel oil and water), anti-microbial, super-durable, flexible, heat tolerant, breathable, physiologically harmless, easy to apply and environmentally friendly, as all coated surfaces become “easy clean” and in most instances the coated surfaces can be cleaned with water alone.

The technology is the solution to many problems in the home and in many fields of industry, for example, in healthcare and food production, where cleanliness is vita, the coatings have proven to be the answer to the problems associated with difficult to clean surfaces which previously were a breeding ground for bacteria. In the auto industry, where paint protection, stain proofing and rain repellent surfaces are sought, SiO² coatings have proven to be the chosen technology. In the aviation sector where interior and exterior surfaces have to be protected, SiO² technology is being rapidly adopted. The list is almost endless.

But above all, most people are amazed by the fact that a film of Liquid Glass which is only 100nm (approximately 500 times thinner than a human hair) can be so incredibly durable. Some of our domestic coatings can withstand 100,000 wiping actions; some of our industrial coatings can withstand many 100s of thousands of wiping actions.

We are very proud to be responsible for the distribution of this stunning, multi award winning technology, which has been described as „one of the world’s most versatile new technologies.”

This is German technology at its best.