ALGT – New Technology

Advanced Liquid Glass Technology is a term which identifies the next generation of coating which we are now able to offer.

In the 1960s Richard Feynman, the father of quantum physics, probably wrote his Nobel Prize acceptance speech on a type writer or with a fountain pen. He would have probably painted his home with lead based paints and driven a car which consumed 1 litre every 3 km… technology has moved forward rapidly… and so has Nano technology.

Our ALGT coatings reflect this change. They are the highly sophisticated coatings which will change many aspects of how we live. Some years ago liquid glass coatings often lasted a few months, now we are able to offer coatings which last for over 20 years.

It has now been over 150 years since the discovery of the Sol Gel process and advances are continually being made. Due to our being linked with the leading R+D organisations in Germany we are able to bring you the 3rd Generation of Liquid Glass Technology via which we offer more efficient coatings, at reduced cost to the consumer.

The ALGT© range provides the end user with coatings which offer increased durability, greater temperature tolerance and massive corrosion resistance. These new coatings, which draw upon a wide range of stunningly effective technologies are best described as “hybrid coatings”. They are not exclusively based on SiO² but SiO² is often used within the matrix.