About Us

A group of chemical trading veterans and a young entrepreneur envisaged a dream to bring about a green revolution in the world of chemicals. Their dream is now turning into a reality through SAAR Chem-Trade Pvt. Ltd. Our company patrons draw inspiration from our company motto of 'Think green, go green'

SAAR Chem-Trade is now ready to introduce the Indian Industrial and everyday consumers to a greener version of chemicals. By joining hands with our technology partner CCM, We are able to provide a plethora of green products.

CCM that epitomizes in Nano Technology are worldwide leaders hailing from Germany. They have pledged their continual support to us, through which we offer best in class Nano coating that lasts long and out performs any other product of its kind.

The idea here was to bring long-term solution for coating any kind of surface thus reducing cleaning time, making the surface anti-microbe, and increasing the Life of the surface by giving it a 'As good as new Look'

There's always a myth around 'Higher the quality of the product higher the cost', therefore to bring about a balance between the two we started looking in to other chemicals needed by the industry, which brought the alliance between SAAR Chem-Trade Pvt. Ltd. and Fortune Procurators. Fortune Procurators help us facilitate the Powder coating at a reasonable cost whilst maintaining the top-notch quality standards.

Our Principles

CCM GmbH - Creative Chemical Manufacturers

CCM bundles the synergies and strengths of several leading chemical manufacturers in order to establish a common international sales platform; this platform will enable our partner clients to purchase products more efficiently, as the administrative costs will be greatly reduced. Not only will administrative costs be reduced but our structure allows us to create product packages which specifically suit your needs. We can of course support branded and own brand formats.